Traffic Management Plans Tailored to your Event

At Safe Road Services, we formulate specialised plans for each event to facilitate the  efficient movement of all affected road users. The site-specific traffic management plan design will ensure the safety of participants and road users whilst the event is active. Through the design process we will ensure adequate advanced notification is provided to affected businesses or the public, and implement detour routes where required so that pedestrians and other road users can continue on their journeys with minimal interruption.

Why Do I Need Event Traffic Management?

Traffic management is required for events that affect normal traffic flow or cause disruption to local residents or businesses. This can include competitive events that require the partial use of road carriageways or crossing of the road, such as marathons or cycling races. Large-scale events that require whole lanes or sections of road to be blocked off, such as concerts and parades, also require event traffic management.

Unlike regular road work traffic management, event traffic management planning is much more challenging due to the higher volume of people involved. With this comes a much bigger set of hazards and risks when managing congestion and traffic redirection. Each event needs specific catered rules to prevent accidents and ensure that it is safe and compliant with Waka Kotahi and local authority guidelines. Contact us for a free event traffic management quote or if you need advice regarding your event.

Stop and Go Traffic Management