Free TTM Worker Course

With an overhaul of the qualification system in the TTM industry, it has become much more difficult to find work in traffic management if you have no existing TTM warrants. For all the benefits that the new system offers, it has also made it too expensive, time consuming and unreachable for many people who are looking to work in the industry. The process now follows an NZQA based system, which gives better understanding to the student and allows a much better structure for tutors to assess trainees on their knowledge and understanding, however it comes at a much higher cost to the candidate than the previous 1-day TC course.

The new level of qualification requires candidates to undergo a 3-stage process to becoming a qualified Traffic Management Operative (TMO) formerly known as a Traffic Controller (TC). This process requires the candidate to complete a 1-day course called the TTM Worker course which includes both theory and practical aspects, testing the student on their understanding of basic TTM knowledge. The next step is a 1-day theory course called the TMO Course where the candidate achieves the TMO-NP (non-practicing) warrant before receiving on-the-job mentoring and assessment by a qualified TTM Mentor then completing practical assessments to achieve the TMO-P (practicing) ticket.

Before Safe Road Services are able to employ a candidate, we require them to hold a minimum of TMO-NP warrant to work on the road with our crews. Our team realized that the process to achieve this warrant was quite lengthy and costly for most interested candidates, so we decided to make things a bit more simple and streamlined by holding a free TTM worker course every fortnight at our Hamilton depot. We invite anyone to join, and those who are interested in working with Safe Road Services can complete a job application and book an interview with our team on the day. If candidates decide that the role is not for them, they are free to walk away with no strings attached. The TTM Worker course consists of a half day theory session held by our training manager Kameron, followed by a half day of practical held by two of our in-house TTM Mentors. Once completed, our team can lodge the NZQA credits for a $30 fee to cover the lodgment costs, and enquire on the candidates behalf for any further government funding to complete the TMO-NP course. If the candidate is eligible for funding, we will book them on a TMO-NP course with one of our training partners and can get the candidate into work immediately after achieving their TMO-NP warrant.

If you or someone you know is interested in making a career in the TTM industry, come along to one of our free TTM worker courses and learn more. To secure a spot on the next course, contact our training manager Kameron, or check out our Facebook event for more info.

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