What is Stop / Go Traffic Management?

Worksites or locations undergoing scheduled or reactive maintenance can pose many dangers to both the workers involved and road users. Safe Road Services will take care of all your stop / go traffic management needs, no matter the job. Our signs and delineation devices are all compliant to current CoPTTM (Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management) standards, and will reduce reliance on added manpower, provide adequate advanced warning to all road users, and allow us to easily control traffic flow from a safe distance.

Road maintenance or worksite procedures can result in only having one traffic lane available on some two-lane roads. These lane closures can affect traffic proceedings and cause vehicles to become backed up. Proper redirection with stop / go traffic management provides a simple and quick solution for efficient traffic control. This ensures that all road users know when and where to move around for optimum safety, effectively minimising the likelihood of accidents due to confusion or miscommunication.

Whether it’s on a busy suburban road or a quiet back country accessway , our solutions will provide adequate protection of your team and allow for steady and controlled traffic flow throughout your job site.

Choose Safe Road Services for All Your Traffic Management Needs

Safe Road Services is New Zealand’s leader in safety for temporary traffic management. From quotation to designing your traffic plan and implementation, our professional and experienced team ensures you receive quality service from the very start. Let us help you plan your worksite’s stop / go traffic management needs. By identifying potential hazards and implementing successful control methods, we will ensure that the health and safety of all individuals in the vicinity are not at risk. Reach out to our professional and experienced team for a stop/go traffic solution today.

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