How SRS is Fighting Driver Fatigue in NZ

Traffic management workers are often faced with long and inconsistent working hours, meaning that managing fatigue is of regular concern for any traffic management workforce. Safe Road Services are always looking at ways to monitor for, reduce or eliminate fatigue and improve work-life balance. One of the newest implementations that we are trialing, is a driver fatigue management system that can be remotely monitored by our managers.

Our first vehicle has recently been fitted with forward and driver facing cameras that monitor for signs of fatigue, poor driving habits and distractions. These systems can detect and alert drivers and their managers where an event occurs that raises concern and will automatically record events via the dashcam. This dashcam footage will also assist us with investigating driving complaints or health and safety policy breaches, such as distracted driving.

After just a few weeks, we have seen positive outcomes through our trial and aim to have these systems installed across all of our fleet over the next 18 months. If you would like to learn more on our fatigue management processes, get in touch with us today.