Safe Road Services have been working towards a full upgrade of our fleet to ensure versatility as well as compliance with RCA requirements across all our traffic management services.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our services, whether that’s in our traffic management plan designon site traffic management, or emergency call-out response. Over the past year we have purchased 8 Isuzu Traffic Management trucks. These trucks are engineered to provide the most user-friendly design with maximized storage. The vehicle upgrades empower us to execute our traffic control setups more efficiently to keep road users and workers safe and sound. These brand-new vehicles also ensure our road traffic control crews are always prepared with the equipment on hand in the case of an emergency callout job.

Our trucks have full deck lighting, harness attachments and reversing cameras as well as hands free Bluetooth connectivity for phone calls, and GPS navigation units and tracking. They are suitable for up to seven passengers and are classified as both class 1 and 2 vehicles, to offer options for carrying capacity and the varying levels of driver licence within our team. Therefore, our vehicles are more versatile to ensure flexibility and greater ability to cater to any road service or road traffic control operations you might need.

Along with our new trucks, we have a modern fleet of Toyota Hilux management and shadow utes, known for their reliability and hard-wearing nature.  We have added an additional 5 Hilux utes to our fleet in the past year and we’ve equipped them for use on site with flashing beacons and GPS navigation.

So next time you’re looking for a company to design, plan, and implement road traffic management services for emergencies, work-site management, or event traffic control, give Safe Road Services a call! We can assist you with a compliant and well thought out plan to keep road users and workers safe.