As of July 2022, Safe Road Services were proud to announce an additional benefit available to all full and part time staff members. This trauma protection benefit applies to new and existing staff following 6 months of employment and remains for the duration of their tenure or until retirement age.

Safe Road Services’ management team had considered many options from subsidized health insurance to life insurance, long service bonuses and more before finally settling on trauma cover. After some deliberation into how we can best support our staff and their Whānau, we determined that trauma cover offers the best options for our team. There is no need for staff to worry about renewing policies, contributing to the cost of premiums, or having to review their cover annually. After 6 months at SRS, staff will automatically become eligible and are sent a policy certificate for confirmation – simple as that!

Trauma cover also offers peace of mind to our team, that they have financial support if the worst occurs. Finances are the last thing anyone wants to worry about when met with the diagnosis of a terminal illness, Chronic disease or an injury which will affect their ability to work. If staff are faced with a life-threatening illness or disability that is listed on the policy schedule, they are eligible for a payment of up to $25,000. This money can be used at the employee’s discretion toward medical bills, living expenses, childcare or whatever they require to help them through their time of need. There are no requirements on how they must spend the money, no excess or tax that needs to be paid, and no need to show proof of receipts.

If you would like more information on our trauma benefit, please get in touch today.